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The Brain-Gut Connection

Ever had “butterflies in your stomach”? How about a “gut instinct”? Maybe a “gut-wrenching experience”? When a “gut check” tells you how you feel, it’s tempting to think that it’s all in your head. But the truth is when instincts tell you to “go with your gut”, your gut really is trying to tell you something.

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The Universe Within: How Gut Bacteria Influence Our Health

The human gut is known as the “forgotten organ” inside the body filled with trillions of microbes, the genes of microorganisms that help break down food by digesting things we do not digest efficiently. Microbes also produce useful substances that nourish our intestines and travel to other organs in the body including the brain. The microbiome was not even scientifically studied until the last 15 years and there has been an explosion of information on how trillions of bacteria and their genes are an important part of our nutritional health.

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