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Kids and Breakfast: Real Life Advice

Kids and breakfast, it’s an uneasy alliance. On a typical school day, breakfast often gets shelved in favor of a few extra minutes of sleep, an “I’m not hungry” claim, or a waiting school bus. And when kids do eat, parents pat themselves on the back because At least they ate something before their kids went charging out the door. But just because a belly is full, doesn’t mean the brain and muscles are getting the fuel they need.

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12 Smart Tips to Get Your Kids Heart-Healthy

Moms and dads have dozens of concerns each day, ranging from their child’s performance in school to emotional development and happiness. Perhaps one of the biggest questions is: Am I doing enough to keep my child heart-healthy?

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5 Things You Should Know About Water

The human body is nearly 70% water, so it’s no surprise that we need to stay well-hydrated in order to stay healthy. We need water to transport nutrients to cells and to get rid of waste products.

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